In Honor of my father Cole Weston on his birthday today Jan. 30th!
You could win this photograph by doing one random act of kindness.
Each day I am thankful for what I have… I have shelter, I have food, and I have friends and family who love me. Too many people in this world are in need. This contest is a very small way I can help and give back by raffling one of my photographs in exchange for your random acts of kindness.
My only rule for this raffle: The act of kindness needs to be to a human being in need or to benefit other humans in need. It has to be an act of kindness from performed from Jan. 30th to March 11, 2016
Suggestions: Donate to a homeless shelter of your choice: An example is ( or any place that helps people in need. If you can’t donate money, do something yourself that shows you helped another human being in need.
Go to my website and submit on my contact page what you did with your proof (a picture, a donation receipt etc.) or post on Facebook and tag me in the post. Be creative, and push yourself to show the kindness in your heart and the care you have for other humans who are less fortunate, or are in hard times. Every random act will spread kindness and love in this world we all call home.
On March 11th I will draw a name from the submissions and someone will win this photograph.
Good luck to you all!

Plant Curves- Moorea