White Bush - Mono Lake
Wave Burst - Big Sur Coast
Waterfall and Stream - Northern Ca.
Trees and Waterfall - Oregon
Tree Silhouette - Crater Lake
Train Car - Death Valley
Three Trees and Clouds - Hawaii
Surf at Sunset - Garrapata
Surf and Beach #4 Garrapata
Sun and Surf - Big Sur
Rock and Textured Sky - Big Sur
Road to Lighthouse - Big Sur
River - Garrapata - Big Sur
Reeds and Evening Sky- Big Sur
Poppies and Twigs- Big Sur
Pier and Clouds- Moorea
Night Palms III- Hawaii
Mountain Range with Storm- Death Valley
Mountain and Clouds- Death Valley
Mexico Border Sunset- Mexico
Lone Tree and First Snow- CA
Island and Cloud- Moorea
Grasses and Fog- Big Sur
Garrapata at Sunset- Big Sur
Dune and Clouds- Death Valley
Desert Tree and Mountain
Crop Circle- England
Couds and mountains- Death Valley
Clouds over Northern CA
Cloud Wisps Big Sur
Burnt Bush- Mono Lake
Cloud Waves- Big Sur
Brush and Storm Clouds- Mono Lake
Brush and Mountains- Death Valley
Bouquet for Flowers- MA
Barn and Clouds- CA
Storm Surf Over Rocks- Big Sur
Backlite Cloud- Ca.
Wheels- and Shadows. Germany
Walk of Love- Italy
Tank Waterfall- Carmel Valley
Ship Hull- England
Seaweed and Foam- Big Sur
Screen and Broken Glass- Fort Ord
Say Something- San Francisco
Rocks- Point Lobos
Rock Detail- Delos
Rock Detail Delos- Greece
Quail and Pinecones- Big Sur
Push for Help- San Francisco
Pampas Grass Detail- Big Sur
One Baby Buggy- Monte Carlo
Medicine Cabinet- Oregon
Martini or Scotch- MA
Lines and Baggiewinkle
Heaven Here I Come
Grass Panels and Ladder- Moorea
Golden Gate and Clouds
Floating Paper- Monte Carlo
Engine Abstraction- Germany
Dune Ridge- Death Valley
Dune Patterns III Death Valley
Dune Patterns II Death Valley
Dune Line- Death Valley
Dune Contrasts- Death Valley
Climbing the Ladder- Greece
Broken Screen- Fort Ord
Bridge Wires and Clouds- San Francisco
Braided Palm- Hawaii
Boat Turnbuckles- MA
Boat Propellers- MA
The Preceived New Woman- CA
Two Leaves- Moorea
Twisted Pampas Grass- Big Sur
Twisted Pampas Grass 2
Succulent and Grasses- Big Sur
Shell in Leaves- Moorea
Seaweed and Sand- Big Sur
Reed Opening- Orcas
Popler Trees- Mono Lake
Plant- Delos- Greece
Plant Curves- Moorea
Plant Center- Big Sur
Plant and Rock- Delos- Greece
Pineapple in Pot- Hawaii
Pampas Grass Swirl- Big Sur
Palms in Wind- Hawaii
Morning Glory Twist- Big Sur
Lone Tree and Clouds
Leaf Beginning- Big Sur
Leaf and Shadow- Atlanta
Desert Flower Las Vegas- 2007
Cala Flower- Hawaii
Bush and Grasses Death Valley
Window and Vine- Santorini
We Fix It- Fort Ord
Wall Detail with Window- Santorini
Wall Detail Santorini
Venice Boat and Front Door
Stairway to Unknown- Greece
Stairs- Lighthouse
Stairs- Hotel- Venice
Stairs Angles- Germany
Stairs and Lamp Post
Stair Patterns- Big Sur
Stacking Up- Fort Ord
Seating for Two- Arkansas
Ruins- Delos- Greece 3
Point in Time- Germany
Pillars and Arbor- MA
Park Pillars- Germany
Museum Patterns- Germany
Museum Angles- Germany
Laundry Day- Venice
Holy Angles- Italy
Hanging Around- Germany
Glass Blowing Studio- Venice
Ghost Window- Fort Ord
Gate Angles- Greece
Delos- Greece- Pillars and Birds 2
Delos- Greece Pillars and Birds
Delos Statue- Greece
Dachau- Germany 1933-1945
Circle and Rectangles- Arkansas
Building Curtain- Venice
Boat Bow and Window Venice
Blast Off- Germany
Awnings- Sacramento
Bending Together, Oregon, 2015
Big Sur Coast with Fog, 2016
Big Sur Engulfed in Fog, 2016
Cactus Patterns, Az. 2016
Glass Abstractions, Wa. 2015
Interior Abstraction, Wa. 2015
Limbs Reaching Out, Atlanta, 2015
Living Patterns, Wa. 2015
Survival And, Az. 2016
Hanging Together, Oregon, 2015
Waiting for Her Ship to Come In, Oregon, 2015
Bedtime, Oregon, 2015
Bridge and Pilings, Oregon, 2015
Beach Dunes, Oregon, 2015
Black Crow, Lost Dog, Oregon, 2015
Seal Conversation, Oregon, 2015
Dune Ridge II, Death Valley
Face Passing By, Seattle, 2015
Palm Baskets, Hawaii, 2012
Girl with Chicken, Big Sur, 2014
The Equestrian, Carmel Valley, 2015
Sea Foam and Sky, Big Sur, 2015
Palm and Fern, Hawaii, 2012
Thinking, Big Sur, 2016
Stairs, Lighthouse II Big Sur 2013