Another memorable photographic trip with  the ever so talented  Susan Bein and Tess Durham!
Next time I will bring a hat!  and dress is black!

We spent a lovely weekend in Astoria, Oregon, concentrating on photographing older buildings, forts and miscellaneous quirkie images we saw along the way.  I was carrying my Canon 5D II while Susan and Tess were photographing with Iphones and tablets.   I must admit I was a bit jealous seeing them use smaller cameras while I lugged around my Canon 5D with three lenses and backpack!  The good news is  I am very happy with many of my images from this excursion, and of course the time spent with these ladies was most memorable!
Astoria Bridge

Beach Dune with Clouds

Wreck on Beach

Tree in Window

Hand Reaching Through

Broken Fence

His and Hers

Area Closed

Chair and Film Reel

Pilings and Clouds

Lighted Stairway

Tree Canopy

This is just a sampling of some of the images taken in Astoria Oregon!
I am eager to do another trip with Susan and Tess.  Maybe the grit of Los Angeles is in the future?
Susan makes LA a fun adventure.  This is not a destination I would pick without Susan being such a great guide.  Thanks Ladies for the fun weekend in Astoria!