Head in the Clouds – Cara Weston Photography

Hardcover w/ Book Jacket: 44 pages
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This new book features forty-one photographs from several years of photographing clouds. My fascination with clouds over the years has led to this collection of images showcasing the diverse beauty of our fluid and ever changing skies.

An excerpt from the book’s foreword written by Max Schenk

“The clouds collection captures the elegance and power of nature’s more ephemeral character. The gradations of tones are sublime in their presentation; the compositions enhance the strength of subjects that would otherwise be seen as too subtle in another context and capture, as her grandfather would say, “the essence of the thing itself’. When bold subjects and contrasts are used they are as the counterpoints to the central character only; not subjects in and of themselves. The technical expertise in capturing and executing the images are as you would expect for one who has lived a rich life immersed in the craft.”

Book Review

“To not merely look up, but to consider the sky, effulgent and vast, as an awaiting canvas where the drifting clouds are painted by the gods of ever changing weather. From fine brushes of whimsical wisps to the abstract of monstrous thunderheads, Cara Weston’s photographs beautifully capture this remarkable phenomenon in a success rarely accomplished. Through the lens of her camera, Cara has turned her passion of photographing clouds into a triumphant and poignant pictorial of natural imagery. Cara has emerged from the male dominated shadows of her family heritage into one of today’s most prolific and talented photographers. Her photographs reveal a style and uniqueness that are all her own and which reflect the beauty and talent that emerges from within. One look at this breathtaking collection will have you never looking at the sky in the same way again.” — Danny Harmon (writer/photographer)

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Cole Weston “Palo Corona Ranch, Carmel”

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Cole Weston “Surf and Headlands, Big Sur”

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Edward Weston “Pepper, 1930”

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