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Month: November 2015

Stunning Exhibition at Booth Museum


This is me showing off my wall at the
Ansel Adams “Before and After”  Exhibition.

Bob Kolbrener, Seth Hopkins and me during our artist talk.

Me hamming it up with our USA Presidents.

This exhibition is at The Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville Georgia.
This is an amazing museum which I spent some time viewing all the great art at this museum.
The Ansel Adams “Before and After” exhibition will be up until March 20, 2016.
If you can make it,  it will be a rewarding visit for sure!

Weston Gallery “Bloom: Floral Studies”


BLOOM: Floral Studies opening at the Weston Gallery on
November 28, 2015 and runs through January 17, 2016

Featuring works by:

Ansel Adams, Charles Aubry, Ruth Bernhard, Paul Coghlin,
Mariana Cook, Imogen Cunningham, Rod Dresser, Carol Henry,
Dale Johnson, Michael Kenna, W. Jentzsch, Robert Mapplethorpe,
Diane Rosenblum, Ryuijie, Paul Strand, Josef Sudek,
Brett Weston, Cara Weston and Cole Weston.

CPA Juried Exhibition, Sat. Nov. 21st

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