“Do You Vespa”

Do You Vespa, Italy

Ciao!  This picture summed up Italy for me this trip!

A trip with wonderful friends, fantastic food and many memories of laughter, joy, and relaxation. Thank you Max and Kathleen for inviting me. Thank you Max and Jeff for feeding us ladies we such amazing culinary delights. The flavors, tastes and smells are all implanted in my brain forever.

Appetizers before dinner
“The Gang”
It was such a joy to meet Jeff and Irene…both lovely people whom I hope to see again soon.
Photographically I was drawn to images that most people would not even think were taken in Italy.
Here is a sampling of images from my Italy trip.

Locked Out, Italy
“Locked Out”

Rent a Car, Italy
“Rent a Car”

Wall and Arched Window, Italy
“Wall with Arched Window”

Doorway, Italy

White Laundry, Italy
“White Laundry”

Fennel, Italy

Brush and Radiator, Italy
“Brush and Radiator”

building squares, Italy

Lamp, Italy

Looking Back, Italy
“Looking Back in Time”

Rabbit Dinner Tonight
“Waiting to serve the Rabbit”
Architecture, as you can see was the theme of this trip. A memorable trip of Italy all wrapped up in ten days of wonderful friends, photographing and full stomachs!