Dear Friends ~
Each year I like to take a moment to reflect on all the people who have made a difference in my life. Most especially this year I would like to thank all my lady friends, without whom my life would be so dull. The list is too long to write, but please know you all mean so much to me ~ your advice, your support and the laughs we have shared. A very special thanks to my daughters Nikki and Roslyn, for their love and care during my recuperation from recent medical issues.
Also, to Arturo, our talks and your friendship are the best! To Jody, thanks for time spent together, advice and listening ear. To Max…you are just too special, and simple words cannot express my sincere thanks and love! I cherish you and Kathleen. To Louis, thank you for the direction and support you have given me in my photography, and your wealth of nutritional advice. To Jim for your help around my home, this has helped so much, and to Brian for your listening ear on my endless calls about construction! I know I am forgetting many others, but please know you are in my heart even if my brain is not always functioning in full throttle these days.



School  Gal Friends


Pam's 60th birthday.

Bay School Mothers in Crime

Max and Kathleen

Max and Kathleen



Dear Friends ~
My travels for 2014 were a mix of keeping it local, but going global, both providing wonderful opportunities for image making! Moorea is a tropical paradise in the island chain of French Polynesia. Deep green mountains, waterfalls, exotic plants and rocky shorelines provide an amazing palette of textures and tones.
In the US, journeys to Arkansas and other states continue to amaze me over the diversity of landscapes and lifestyles to be found in our beautiful country. Feeling energized, I am excited as 2015 looks to be another great year for exploration, with trips to Spain and Italy in the works, as well as Hawaii and Florida. Stay tuned, as I will discuss the best-practices and lessons learned for fine-art travel photography.

Moorea beauty

Roslyn enjoying the cloud show

Now there is talent

Carmen Miranda

Snorkel princesses

Snorkel Queens

Todays photographers

Today’s Photographers.

Sea diver

Sea Diver Jody.

a cold one in Tahiti

A Cold One in Tahiti


Announcements and Updates

Photo LA 2015 is soon approaching and I was eager to join friend and fine art photography dealer Louis Klaitman as an exhibitor. Sadly, Louis has suffered a medical setback and we have cancelled our participation this year. Please keep Louis in your thoughts for a speedy recovery, and know that we will be there next year.
Photo LA is one of the nation’s largest gatherings of photographers, gallery representatives, equipment manufacturers and photo technology experts. Informative lectured are also provided and the event creates an esprit de corps amongst photography professionals and enthusiasts. Held this year between January 15th through 18th, the event will be at the LA Mart in Los Angeles. To check out times and lectures go to:

Louis and I working hard at Photo LA!


Photo LA 2013

One Wall of Our Booth.


Gallery Representation

I am forever grateful to those of you who have followed and enjoy my work. The journey of image making is one that I enjoy making with you all. If you are interested in purchasing one of my prints, please contact me or visit and support the galleries whom represent me, listed below, and, as always, please feel free to contact me with your questions and comments.